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eBay Returns To 57th Street
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Earlier this year, we expressed our confusion about the Pop-Up store eBay staged on West 57th Street that never seemed to open to the public. It turns out that that was just a dry run for the Holiday shop that will open tomorrow in the same spot next to Bergdorf's. The interactive store features items pulled from eBay's top sellers representing the site's most popular searches. Items were chosen with an eye towards the sophisticated and expensive including fresh, unworn shoes from Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik, vintage designer handbags with only a hint of patina as well as shiny iPhones and a Palm Pre that we could pick up an examine without tugging a cord that would have tethered it to the shelf. Special care was taken to represent an ecologically conscious merchandising strategy for the store. Aside from the inherent benefits to the environment of buying used items, items made from organic, renewable and recycled materials were spotlighted.
While the merchandise on hand might not be available for immediate purchase, the store is full of shiny new iMacs so you can search eBay for something similar or whatever else strikes your mind.We were given a guided tour of the new store and got the chance to meet iconic designer Norma Kamali, whose exclusive eBay collection was inspired by seeing so many of her own vintage designs being sold on the site as well as items from her Walmart line being offered as soon as they had sold out in stores. Aside from creating incomparable swimwear, The esteemed Ms. Kamali is all about finding new and innovative ways to reach her customers, and eBay is looking to position itself as a primary resource for premium products, hence the conspicuous lack of Hummel and Precious Moments figurines.
The store will be open through Sunday November 29th (except for Thanksgiving, obviously), and if you think that the idea of an eBay store where you can't take anything home is a head scratcher, then you didn't see the steady stream of customers trying to enter the store during the press preview.
Yes, folks, shopping is back.
eBay Holiday Pop-up Store through November 29th, 3 West 57th Street, Midtown
Could Someone Please Explain? What Is eBay Doing On West 57th?


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