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Has Lucien Pellat-Finet Vacated?

Last weekend, as we took a break from holiday shopping to ogle the latest shoes at Leffot, we noticed that its longstanding neighbor across the street, Lucien Pellat-Finet was looking suspiciously papered over and empty of its sumptuous cashmere sweaters.
We wouldn't be surprised that the market for $3,000 cashmere sweaters with witty intarsia patterns might be a little bit light lately, even though we know that M. Pellat-Finet makes the most perfectly cut cashmere sweaters we have encountered (and we have encountered a lot). Unfortunately, even his solid colored sweaters retail for just under a grand these days. Perhaps the humor of his cannabis leaf emblem has worn off.
Someone tell us this is a temporary situation, or perhaps he's just moving to a higher profile location (though the corner of Christopher & Gay Streets seems to be working out quite well for the folks at Leffot and their equally expensive shoes). The boutique is still listed on the designer's website, but behind that paper in the windows, there ain't nothing but floor and walls.


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