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Grahame Fowler Launches A
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For the past few weeks, all manner of media have been working hard to make sure we knew about designer Grahame Fowler's new shop in the West Village. We hate to ignore such encouragement, and so it was with high hopes that we visited the new boutique a few days ago.
There's no better salesperson than the person who designed the goods, and it's always a encouraging to find the designer in his own shop. Mr. Fowler first found success as one half of the London design team Timney-Fowler which is best remembered for its neo-classically printed fabrics, so it's not surprising that he would have an eye for rich fabrics and evocative patterns. He walked us through a rack of jackets ranging from casual sportcoats in a sumptuous cotton moleskin to his rigorously tailored bespoke collection. A few styles are promised to be put into production for ready-to-wear in the next season, like a navy double breasted blazer in crisp barathea, and was careful to note that they were manufactured only as far away as Brooklyn.
The conveyor belt left over from the the space's previous occupant, a dry cleaner, makes an excellent rack for Fowler's striped and checked shirts —colorful, but far more restrained than the prints he had become known for in the past. The look here is more sophisticated than flamboyant, but not without a few rugged twists. Like many menswear shops, there are rows of vintage (or at least well-worn) boots lined up under the racks, as well as other sturdy belts and leathergoods to round out the selections. We are always fascinated by a case of vintage watches, and there is a well stocked one here.
Mr. Fowler has all the enthusiasm of a new storekeeper with lots of plans for the future including new products to bring in. It's a welcome change to meet a retailer who hasn't been battered by past couple of years, and we look forward to seeing the store evolve.
Grahame Fowler Original 138 West 10th Street, Greenwich Village


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