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Sephora Heads North

You can bitch all you want about Manhattan's mall-ification, but there's not much point if developers keep attracting stores you want.
The unfolding Columbus Square development is gradually reshaping Upper West Side shopping as one familiar store follows another into the shiny, bright spaces just reaching completion in the massive new structures.
While there will surely be continued grumbling about the dramatic changes to the area, so far the stores that have opened have been consistently embraced by a good portion of the neighborhood at the very least. Even that scented candle capsule of suburbia, Michael's has seen lines at the registers on a busy weekend afternoon, and Whole Foods has been an unqualified hit.
The latest chain to join the mall-like collection is makeup favorite Sephora, which will be opening its doors next to TJMaxx on April 9th, on Columbus Avenue somewhere around where 102nd Street would be.
While there is no Sephora shortage in Manhattan, we feel confident that Upper West Siders in the 90s and up will be happy not to have to trek 20 or so blocks south when a lipstick emergency strikes.


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