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Diddy Picks A Fight On Fifth Avenue

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Nordstrom Rack Has An E.T.A.

Mark your calendars.
As Filene's Basement prepares to leave Union Square, another far more accessible replacement will be opening its doors. Nordstrom Rack's first NYC location opens on May 11th, according to the newly installed windows of the former Virgin Megastore. That's just over four months away, when the store will commence business just a few blocks down 14th Street from its distant cousin Jeffrey. (Oh, you didn't know?)
UPDATE: Our mistake. It's the much smaller SIXTH AVENUE Filene's Basement that's closing, not the one on Union Square.


To set the record straight, Filene's Basement in Union Square is not going anywhere. You may have been referring to the store in Chelsea (Ave. of the Americas & 18th) which is closing because we lost our lease.

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