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Lego Pushes Brookstone Out Of Rockefeller Center

Perhaps nothing will make our 8-year-old alter ego happier than to learn that LEGO is opening a flagship store in Rockefeller Center this summer. They will be taking over the 50th Street location currently occupied by Brookstone (pictured above) which means that toys and gadgets for grownups have been edged out by toys for kids.
We expect that some might see this as a juvenilization of midtown retail -and we can see that- but we feel strongly that there is no greater toy on the planet than a giant bucket of Lego bricks, regardless of age.
We look forward to seeing the entirety of Rockefeller Center rendered in Legos in the store by mid-Summer.
That kind of thing never gets old.
Between The Bricks (NYPost, 4th item)
LEGO (Official Site)


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