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Two Chelsea Stalwarts Prepare To Exit

It's January, which is a month of reckoning of sorts for retailers and, not coincidentally, the time of year when some stores find themselves packing it in for good if their Holiday season wasn't as bountiful as they had anticipated.
Frankly, we aren't sure if that is the exact reason, but two longtime Chelsea retailers are closing up shop shortly. Mardana and Giraudon, two well established Eighth Avenue boutiques are both running store closing sales, and the signs in their windows would suggest that their side by side locations between 17th and 18th Streets will be available soon from the same landlord.
Giraudon, has been selling stylish shoes since at least the mid-'80s, which makes us nervous for some of the other neighborhood shops that have not yet been converted into banks or burrito chains. Someone please just tell us that Camouflage is still safe.


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