Escada's Flagship Is On The Move
...Or Maybe On The Way Out

Stormy Openings:

Hermès First Men's Store
Opens Today

Opening Soon:

Isabel Marant Presents Mr. Hatman

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Isabel Marant is a paragon of restraint.
Rather than fill the windows of her future boutique ar Broome and Greene Streets with pictures of her latest collection or her current advertising campaign, she has given the job of promoting her upcoming shop over to Mr. Hatman, who has a hat and a big smile, and is very hereux to be in NYC.
The character has apparently been a mascot of sorts for Marant, and oddly enough, makes for more eye catching windows than the predictable photos and logos one would typically expect to see in the weeks before a new shop opens. Marant's debut U.S. boutique is slated for April, according to the cheery figure. Click the images for a bigger view of his story.


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