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Another Day In The Greased-Up
World Of Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein's billboard at the corner of Houston and Lafayette streets has been a center of controversy for a while, lately featuring provocative and scantily clad images of actress Eva Mendes in jeans and underwear ads. For Spring, however, Calvin's space has been devoted, for the first time if we are not incorrect, to the top men's ready-to-wear Collection with an image that is bound to produce even more contention.
This month, the billboard features two images of model David Agbodji photographed by Steven Klein. On the right, we have David wearing a sleek, black suit, and on the left, David wearing only a generous amount of baby oil, bare backside and all. We're fairly sure that opinion will be split between those who find the image totally inappropriate and those who would like to see David take a quarter turn to the right.
Of course, it's uptown at the Calvin Klein Collection boutique on Madison Avenue where things really get kinky. The possibly NSFW image is after the jump...
Klein's graphic advertising images have cleverly been turned into transparencies, but we are pretty sure that when Agbodji posed for this full-on shot of his prodigious and shiny tuchis, he had no idea that whoever designed the window displays would make it look like he was peeing on a particularly submissively posed mannequin.
And yet, there it is.
What can we really say about this? Feel free to discuss amongst yourselves.


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