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Grown & Sewn Pushes Khaki To The Front

We here in New York have become a city of such denim connoisseurs, fussing over each rivet and selvedge exposing seam, that its hard to imagine that there was once a time when we actually wore other things on our bottom halves that weren't constructed of heavy indigo cloth.
It you are weary of seeing faded blue legs or are just looking for a change of pace, Grown & Sewn has come to your rescue in Tribeca. The nascent label's inaugural product is something it likes to call "Kax", pants that fall somewhere between khakis and jeans. Lovingly crafted and and meticulously finished here in the U.S. of American fabric, the three styles include a familiar five-pocket model as well as a style based on the original military khaki all in sturdy tan twills, washed and treated to a comfortable softness with a vintage-y feeling that will mesh nicely with the current craze for authentic American style..
The brainchild of designer Designer Rob Magness, Grown & Sewn's shop is tucked away on Duane Street's usually tranquil triangle park and was originally meant to be a temporary installation for the product launch, but has so far remained open for at least a little while longer. It features an exhibition of artwork by Purvis Young which complements the product nicely as well as a few t-shirts, toe bags and a selection of classic D-ring leather belts that you could totally sneak on to your jeans.
The store may be just a bit extra spacious for a limited introductory line, but we have a strong feeling that  Magness has a bit more  in mind for his new label than just pants.
Grown & Sewn 184 Duane Street, Between Hudson & Greenwich Streets, Tribeca


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