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Once a popular but charmingly sleepy mail order company whose idea of marketing was to use what we can only assume were it's own, randomly chosen employees as catalog models, L.L.Bean is cleverly building anticipation like a pro for the launch of its Signature Collection. The latest sneak preview items, a Chambray Shirt Dress and the Eastport Handsewn Ranger Moc (pictured above) as well as a few others cleverly hidden throughout the website, have been released today in a scant hundred units. In the past few months, Bean has also made special variations of its classic Maine Hunting Shoe and Canvas Tote briefly available in much the same way.
Finally deciding to compete with the niche labels who have essentially been ripping them off for the past couple of years, the legendary outfitter looked to this very competition and recruited fellow Maine denizen Alex Carleton of Rogues Gallery to design the premium line, and, from what we can tell, he appears to be doing an excellent job curating the company's estimable archives for inspiration. He has pulled together a line that should please longtime Bean customers as well as those trendier folk who are now in the thrall of the current rage for authentic, rugged gear. (It's worth noting here that we couldn't possibly gotten through the recent spate of snowstorms without our Bean Boots). For our part, we are totally digging these handsewn chukka boots, and the best thing is that rather than pushing price points with a deluxe label, L.L.Bean has priced the shoes at a mere $79 each —right in line with their regular offerings, and a total bargain if you compare it to the prices of other newly rediscovered "heritage" brands.
If these items sell out before you can get to them, you can relax. The entire line launches a week from Monday on March 15th.
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