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Urban Outfitters Swaps Sites

MetroTheaterA little over a year ago we reported that Urban Outfitters would be taking over what was left of the landmark Metro Theater on Broadway between 99th and 100th Streets, and since then, we have been waiting....
Now we know what's been taking so long. According to the neighborhood blog, MyUpperWest, it turns out that the demands of the unusual site and the requirements of occupying an officially landmarked building were more trouble than they were worth, especially when there is a truckload of brand new raw space available space right across the street.
Urban Outfitters is still opening its Upper West Side store, but instead it will be at 2625 Broadway in around 15,000 square feet on the ground floor and lower level of a recently completed luxury high-rise. Unfortunately, the elegant Art Deco façade of the Metro Theater remains without a tenant, but a good portion of the other long empty space nearby will thankfully be filled, bringing some signs of life to a block that has been serious need of activity. The store is slated to open sometime this summer.
Urban Outfitters to Open Second UWS Location (MyUpperWest)
Landmark Conversion: The West Side's Metro Theater To Become Urban Outfitters


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