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A Peek Inside Jérôme Dreyfuss

We got an unscheduled sneak peek (literally) inside the upcoming Jérôme Dreyfuss boutique set to open in the next month or so on Broome Street near Greene Street. Progress is being made, and it looks like has retained much of the shiny white tile interior left behind by Waterworks, the previous tenant. That will make a pristine background for his accessories. It almost looks like there may be a passage to the store also under construction next door which will be run by Madame Dreyfuss (also known as Isabel Marant), but The Shophound couldn't stick our head in far enough to tell for sure and, therefore, cannot confirm.
Drefuss and Marant's stores are expected to be a rare bright spot in what looks to be a relatively sleepy season for new boutique openings as some stores still seem to teeter on the edge of survival despite more promising news form major retailers.
We will be watching for further developments.
Jérôme Dreyfuss, Isabel Marant -Official Sites


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