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PosentargetAre they trying to make these things harder for everyone?

After last month's sellout Liberty of London pop-up which had to close a days early because they ran out of goods, Target will be holding a one-night pop-up store for its upcoming collaboration collection with Zac Posen at Eighth Avenue and 34th Street opening on Thursday, April 15th at 11 PM and closing a scant 24 hours later on Friday Night.

Though the location is convenient, the timing does add an extra sense of urgency. Apparently, the folks at Target have a soft spot for crowd frenzy issues, and what could be more fun than having all that going right about when you'd love to be in bed?! You don't have to answer that. Billed as a "Shopping Party", already weary shoppers are promised DJ sets as well as at a performance from the all-girl-band The Like. Well, at least musicians are used to staying up all night, right?

Having the shop located conveniently near Penn Station will make it extra accessible to commuters. Of course, if you are a commuter, you probably have a great big Target store nearby in whatever suburb you come from, so you don't need to be bothered with these Pop-Up stores that we Target-starved Manhattanites rely on. You can probably wait until April 25th and shop in relative comfort when the line is released chain-wide. Unfortunately, Manhattan's first Target in East Harlem, which was projected to have been open by this month, has pushed its opening back a bit (to June?), so this shop will be the main destination for folks here looking for the complete Posen for Target collection. Don't forget to bring a few NoDoz.

Zac Posen for Target 24-hour Shopping Party opens April 15th at 11 PM, 481 Eighth Avenue at 34th Street, Midtown
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