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08criticready-articleLargeThere is simply no way we can picture this Thursday Styles' Critical Shopper, Cintra Wilson -whose clothes are as dark as her wit- as anything other than a quizzical interloper at the Lilly Pulitzer boutique on Madison Avenue. Seriously, could there be any designer more diametrically opposed to La Cintra's sleek urbanity? Perhaps it's The Preppy Handbook revival that sparked her desire to visit the most suburban boutique in Manhattan. She has prepared herself for the cloyingly bright colors and patterns, the mother/daughter matching outfits and the overpriced children's swimwear. it's when she encounters the menswear that the real shock and horror sets in,

The second floor was also home to some absolutely terrifying sport jackets for men. I imagined it was what Anita Bryant’s linen closet would have looked like after Hurricane Andrew: violent mangos, pinks and aquamarines starched into jackets of such female bedspread intensity they might cause even Ricardo Montalbán to run toward the volcano.

And then... the pants,

A particular vintage pair with lurid, efflorescent hydrangeas in a double knit was impossible to accessorize with anything short of “the Full Cleveland” (a white Naugahyde belt and shoes). I realized there was a mission afoot: Lilly Pulitzer’s unchained melody of prints — lily pads, pandas, daisies, gooseberries, oh my — are available in every cut you need to turn your relatives into the Von Trapp family singers.

And the nefarious scheme is finally revealed.

Critical Shopper | Lilly Pulitzer: Fashion With a Colorful Narrative by Cintra Wilson (NYTimes)
Lilly Pulitzer 1020 Madison Avenue near 79th Street, Upper East Side (Where else?)


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