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La Terrine Heads West To Columbus


There are no plain white plates at the new location of La Terrine, the popular Lexington Avenue housewares shop that specializes in brightly patterned French and Italian tableware. At least none that we could see among all the painted porcelain and stoneware. Formerly the home of vintage poster dealer La Belle Epoque, the glass fronted corner shop now has its shelves stacked to the ceiling with vividly patterned dishes from the likes of Gien, Jars and Vietri among others. A bargain shop, it is not, but it seems so perfectly tailored to the tastes of the Upper West Side that it hardly seems possible that it has only been open for about a month. Yes, we are aware that those tastes are not so very different from those of the East Side from where La Terrine hails, but the shops that cater to them tend to be a bit more cautious about investing in the West Side, which lacks the ceaseless throngs of tourists that help fuel Madison Avenue. Not so in this case. La Terrine fits in most agreeably with the neighborhood atmosphere that still characterizes Columbus Avenue.

La Terrine 280 Columbus Avenue at 73rd Street, Upper West Side


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