Kors Officially In Former Ungaro Space


John Bartlett & RGJB Pack The House


Nordstrom Rack Will Live Downstairs


Nordstrom Rack opens in 4 days, and we have to make a correction.

NordstromrackAPRIL About a month ago, we posted a photo of what we assumed would be the interior of the upcoming department store chain outlet's Union Square location which used to house Virgin Megastore. Its raw state made us wonder if the store could possibly be ready on time. It turns out that Nordstrom Rack appears to be taking mostly the underground space that held Virgin, which is why they are not using the corner marquee that was the previous tenant's entrance. The space pictured in last month's post is not part of Nordstrom Rack. The street level square footage remains unoccupied. From what we could tell today, rather than waiting for another large retailer to take the space, it is being divided up to accommodate a few smaller stores.

Sorry for our mistake. It looks like the store will have no problems being ready for May 11th.

Renovation Revelation: Will Nordstrom Rack Be Ready In Only Five Weeks?


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