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Leo Design Gets Booted Off Bleecker

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We sort of knew this was inevitable, but it's extra disappointing to discover this week. Just one day after we learned that longtime Bleecker Street shop Treasures & Trifles had closed, we find that its neighbor Leo Design will be moving off Bleecker in August. Unlike its fellow antique store a few doors away, Leo has in fact been forced out of its home of fifteen years, and will be moving a few blocks away to 543 Hudson Street between Perry and Charles Streets. We are just glad that this exceptional little shop hasn't been forced out of business altogether.

Early on in the life of The Shophound, we singled out Leo as one of our most admired stores. As a tiny shop crammed with goods, the eclectic selection of vintage ceramics, jewelry, silver and any number of other gift items could easily descend into an impenetrable jumble, but instead, it is a master class in visual merchandising with every shelf and surface meticulously arranged make each item look its most appealing. Even its moving notice is carefully placed among an arrangement of vintage hammered metal and ceramic vessels.

We don't know what will take Leo's place at no. 413, but they will have especially big shoes to fill.

Transitions: Treasures & Trifles Another Longtime Bleecker Street Store Exits

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