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Last Saturday marked the return of the of the A&F Quarterly to Abercrombie & Fitch Stores all over America after a seven-year suspension. From 11 AM to 4 PM it was available only to those who had pre-reserved copied online at a selected Abercrombie branch, so The Shophound schlepped down to the now bedbug-free South Street Seaport branch to pick up our copy —what, you think we would try and plow through the tourists on Fifth Avenue on a Saturday?

Abercrombiewarning Since it was yet another sweltering day in New York, we took advantage of our air conditioning to thoroughly examine the new product, and after we freed it from its plastic wrapper —featuring a red label in three languages strictly prohibiting sales to anyone under 18 years of age— we discovered that the new A&F Quarterly is pretty much exactly like the old one featuring Bruce Weber's photos of gorgeous young men and a few token chicks in various states of playful undress. If you didn't know it was from 2010, it could easily have been from 2003, or 1998 or whenever, which, depending on your point of view is either comforting  or disappointing. Conceptually, however, it represents the roots of Abercrombie's current business woes as the store remains mired in outdated aesthetic concepts that it refused to abandon.

But on to the pictures! After all, there are hardly any clothes in the book anyway, and with the whole afternoon at our disposal, we decided to do the Concerned Parents of America a favor and count the instances of nudity that necessitated that bossy warning sticker.

It's hardly hard-core porn, but at $10 a copy it's certainly priced like it, and while there is no actual full frontal nudity, there is plenty that without a strategically placed hand, leg or even a big black dot, would easily qualify. Note that if the same bottom was bared in multiple photos on the same page, we only counted it once, and, as the publication is from a chain of gay bars masquerading as clothing stores, the photos of guys vastly outnumber those of the gals —but then you probably knew that.

Male- 15
Female- 6

Female- 9
Male- pretty much all of them

Male- 16
Female - 8

Additionally, the book's "A&F Screen Test" theme includes two separate photo sequences of guys either cuddling or wrestling depending on your level of denial —one pair clad in jeans and another wearing only the aforementioned large black dot. Also, there is a three-page Female-Male-Female threesome story, and two pages featuring a couple of fully clothed chicks making out —for equal time, we suppose.

Are we providing scans? Hell, no! Go buy your own $10 copy, but we'll leave a few NSFW teaser shots (by way of Fashionista) after the jump.

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