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You would think that by the end of September, everyone would be done with Final Clearances. Really, the Barneys Warehouse Sale should basically be the last word on that kind of thing. However, Scoop, the contemporary chain opened its Warehouse Sale this week at its Scoop Street unit on the corner of 14th and Washington Streets to, if bloggers' reports are accurate, not much fanfare at all. Timing is everything, and it's pretty clear that Scoop held out for a few weeks too many.

The last time we remember going to a big Scoop Warehouse sale, we remember walking out with a bag full of Dries Van Noten, Hartford and James Perse shirts for pennies on the dollar, so our expectations were high. What we were faced with yesterday, however, seemed pretty random. Crowds were nowhere to be seen and staff outnumbered customers. To be sure, there is always a prize for the patient forager. The folks at Racked found some worthwhile buys amongst the womenswear, but a lot depends on what size you are looking for, and some of the leftovers, like the Devi Kroell bags, were still awfully expensive even at 50% off the last marked price. Downstairs in the men's section, we would have snapped up a pair of those tweed Duckie Brown trousers in a second for just under $50 if all five of them weren't size 38. The same goes for their heavy wingtip Florsheim shoes which were only available in bigfoot sizes. There were an abundance of plaid and checked shirts, which can be said about any men's store at the moment, and a good portion of them were under Scoop's private label, but even with the deep discount, the prices were not much better than the end of the Barneys Warehouse Sale. A lucky few will find the chrome yellow Simon Spurr cashmere crewnwecks for around $80, one of the few true bargains we saw.

Except for the jeans. And the t-shirts

This being Scoop, there were tons of jeans for men and women at the sale, but when it comes to denim sales, buyer beware. When it comes to buying last season's jeans, you have to be careful to make sure you are not getting Last Season's Jeans, if you know what we mean. And as for t-shirts, Scoop's range of vintage-y prints looked tired at any price.

Mainly, the thing that was disappointing about the Scoop sale was the thing that has become disappointing about Scoop in general. A decade ago the store helped to lead the boom in the contemporary category, but lately, particularly since the departure of its founder, Stefani Greenfield, it seems to have lost some of its leadership, particularly in its mens shop, where the policy of merchandising by item rather than brand sometimes leads to a characterless rack of shirt, jacket, jeans, shirt, jacket, jeans, shirt, jacket, jeans, etc., that keeps it from having any fashion impact, leaving it to stores like Odin and Barneys to break new designers.

Still, it wasn't a total loss. We managed to get out of the Warehouse Sale with a pair of blue Adidas Sambas for a mere $24.50. Because you can never have enough Sambas, even Blue ones.

Scoop Warehouse Sale 875 Washington Street at 14th Street through Monday, October 11th, Meatpacking District
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