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Are you shopping at T.J.Maxx yet? Within the space of three weeks, the huge off-price chain is doubling it's store count in Manhattan from two to four, along with adding a third unit of its sibling store, Marshalls, this Thursday. Not enough? early next year, Manhattan's first Home Goods, yet another sibling, will open on the Upper West Side on Columbus Avenue at 98th Street.

Still paying retail?

Maybe you're just not the kind of person who likes to rummage through off-price stores looking for a bargain when you can just hit your favorite sample sale a couple of times a year —and you really couldn't be blamed for that. However, if you suffer from a chronic bargain-hunter's urge, then T.J.Maxx is hell bent on tantalizing you as much as possible. Sunday's grand opening at the former Conran Shop building by the Queensboro Bridge (above) was by all reports a madhouse with sales staff still not finished restocking by Monday afternoon. The formerly serene home furnishings store is now crammed with racks, and finding the bargains takes a lot of work. From what we could see, the women's clothing had been picked clean of any designer goods (which will pop up at T.J.Maxx every now and then). It was a sea of moderate separates as was the men's section save for a couple of rounders stocked with Dolce & Gabbana, Gianfranco Ferré and even a bit of Prada and Gucci. Were these opening day enticements designed to hook you in to returning repeatedly in hope of finding more? Possibly, but that didn't stop the customers from swarming, and there was more than a little bit of stroller gridlock around the elevator —always a delight. The more reliable kitchen, bed and bath departments were surprisingly limited at this location. Overall, this branch was proportionately the most clothes-heavy of the three currently open in Manhattan, but that could change on November 11th when the Columbus Circle branch, it's highest profile location, opens. Perhaps parent company TJX is pulling back the non-apparel categories to give the upcoming Home Goods store more impact next year.

We're not done with off-price shopping this week. We'll be checking out Chelsea's new Marshalls on Thursday. It opens at 8 AM, so we'll need our rest.

T.J.Maxx 407 East 59th Street at First Avenue, Upper East Side


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