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Nordstrom To Launch
New Store Concept In SoHo

350 West Broadway
Some people got a little overexcited yesterday upon learning that Nordstrom was opening up at 350 West Broadway in Soho.


If that makes no sense at all to you, then you are exactly right, because what is opening is not a Nordstrom store exactly, but a new store owned by Nordstrom. Clearly, there is no building on West Broadway suitable for the full-line Nordstrom flagship the company would like to open in Manhattan one day, but what they are building is a two level, 11,000 square foot store between Grand and Broome Streets under another as yet unannounced name. In an intriguing development, its earnings will be specifically funneled to non-profit organizations. There will be no evident connection to the Nordstrom name much like the way most customers at Jeffrey are unaware that they are actually shopping at a division of the chain.

As this information comes from the real estate folks who brokered the deal, Nordstrom has not yet released extensive details on the new store concept, beyond that it is expected to open sometime next Fall. Merchandising strategy and, of course, what it will actually be called, have yet to be determined. Of course, when a great big honest-to-goodness Nordstrom store finally comes to Manhattan is anyone's guess, but until that happens, we'll just have to settle for dumb old Bergdorf's, Barneys, Bloomingdale's and Saks.

Wait, why are we so cracked up about Nordstrom again?

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