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T.J. Maxx Completes
Its Manhattan Mission

Today marks the completion of T.J.Maxx's New York City Blitz program as its Columbus Circle branch opens. Having now familiarized ourselves with all four (!) branches, we can say that this one actually feels the smallest and most cramped, although pushy crowds can make a difference in the experience. The street level entrance is filled with handbags, not unlike a Gucci or Prada store, we might add. The real action, however, is upstairs, where our bank used to be. It's also good to get up there because when we visited around 11 AM, the street level was hosting an unfortunate sulfurous, rotten eggish aroma. Hopefully, that was temporary. Upstairs, we found more purses! And there was all the racks and racks of clothing now familiar to T.J.Maxx customers.

Let us comparison shop among the branches for you. The Sixth Avenue Chelsea branch remains the biggest and most comprehensive, plus it now has a whole Marshalls in the basement which essentially doubles the selection. The Upper West Side branch feels next largest, possibly because it has a less cramped layout, plus it will be getting a Home Goods store (its sister chain) across the street early next year. That leaves The East Side Branch and this one both of which focus more on apparel. This location has a particularly reduced home section, and since one of the main reasons why we even visit T.J.Maxx in the first place is for kitchen, bed and bath stuff, we probably won't be visiting this one too often.

If you decide to stop by today, however, you will probably receive a useful "I ♥ TJ" re-usable shopping bag and possibly a lollipop (we got strawberry!). You will also be faced with lots of crowds, and at this point we might suggest that this store is no place to bring a double wide stroller!

That is all.

T.J.Maxx 250 West 57th Street at Eighth Avenue, Columbus Circle


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