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J.D.Fisk's Boot Solution

JDFisk There is no way around it. We are in the middle of a boot season. Guys who used to be able to get away with a consistent uniform of sneakers are finding themselves rolling up their jeans to show off and even tuck into a pair of smart, weathered lace-up boots.
The only problem?
There are an abundance of options out there, but such boots are not cheap. What's a guy to do when Rag & Bone's seeemingly perfect version is over $500 even though they are made in CHINA?

It's a predicament to be sure, but the new label J.D. Fisk has come to save the day for your ankles. Last month the baby brother of popular women's brand Dolce Vita opened its own outpost on Ludlow Street just below Stanton. It's a compact little shop, befitting the Lower East Side, but it's got just enough space for a well edited, classic selection plus a few extras. Better yet, pretty much nothing is over $300. Considering the rugged quality of the products is a fair investment for a pair of tall, lace-up boots or, for the adventurous, a spiral zipped roper-style in black roughout suede.

There are also a few oxfords and loafers for the preppy-minded, and to round things out, bags and belts from downtown favorite Billykirk. Made in Mexico (hey, at least it's on this continent) J.D. Fisk's boots are sturdy enough to last well beyond the current trends, by which time they should be perfectly broken in.

J.D. Fisk 159½ Ludlow Street between Santon & Rivington Streets, Lower East Side

Left to right: the Caleb $289, the Franklin $198, the Cooper $279


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