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The Warehouse Sale Gets Turned Upside Down!

If Barneys watchers have learned anything over the past few weeks, it's that regardless of what the store's spokespeople say about gradual evolution, change is coming fast and furious to that place. Case in point: The Warehouse Sale, which starts today. According to our friends at Racked (who got a no-buying-just-looking sneak preview yesterday), the women's merchandise is now DOWNSTAIRS, while Men's has migrated to the main level. Those of you with a time honored shopping strategy for the sale will now have to contend with some initial disorientation while you get your bearings. Apparently, men's suits are still on their same racks downstairs, and Women's shoes are upstairs, but all else, including home furnishings, has been switched around. It's dizzying, we know, but somehow we'll have to make do, and we know you will too. They also report that there's tons of good stuff, but you knew that. We're more interested in what's left after the first week when the prices start going down. That's when we get serious.

Before the Fray: Barneys Sale Bombshell: Womenswear Is Now Located Downstairs (Racked)


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