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Sample Sale This Wednesday

As we have all been expecting, much needed relief efforts for the Japanese earthquake/tsunami/nuclear crisis are getting under way. Not surprisingly, Japanese or Japan-affiliated stores are among the first to respond, including UNIQLO, which will be accepting clothing donations as soon as it can coordinate with it's headquarters through the rolling blackouts affecting the country.

You don't have to be a giant 700 store mega-chain, however to contribute. Nepenthes will be having a special Sample Sale of its Engineered Garments and EWK collections this Wednesday at its midtown showroom. ALL proceeds will be donated to Japanese relief efforts. Customers are encouraged to pay as much above the list price as they like, and simple donations will be acceped as well. Click the image above for full details.

We expect more fundraisers to appear soon, and we'll do our best to highlight them.

Nepenthes Relief Effort Sample Sale 307 West 38th St., #201 between 8th and 9th Ave, Midtown


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