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Tomorrow is D-Day for markdowns at The Barneys Warehouse Sale, or so we are told to expect, but interim reductions seem to be happening every two days. Above, see the latest promotions as of yesterday. If you would like to avoid the crush of the weekend crowds, it might be worth your while to sacrifice some of your savings and shop now. While there seems to be an endless supply of men's sport shirts, some categories like accessories and shoes are already well picked over. Empty space on the men's shoe shelves is being filled with an abundance of Converse sneakers, for example. On the plus side, Men's Outerwear and Women's Shoes are already at 60% off ticket prices, and may not go any lower. Or maybe they will, who knows?

Past experience suggests that tomorrow's presumed reductions will be the final ones. As of now, Men's suits, dress shirts and dress trousers appear to be the only categories that remain priced as marked, so they are definitely worth holding out for.

The Barneys Warehouse Sale 225 West 17th Street between Seventh & Eighth Avenues, Chelsea


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