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Z-CRITIC-E-popup This week marks the first appearance of Alexandra Jacobs as the Thursday Styles' new Critical Shopper. We don't know it she will be the permanent replacement for the departed Cintra Wilson, but she makes a respectable premiere in the role as she assesses the new Michael Kors Collection flagship on Madison Avenue. Jacobs' lukewarm take on the place makes it clear that she will not be fawning over designers, calling Kors' much fêted 30-year career "consistent if not generally spine-tingling". The store's design is deemed "standard" while the staff is found "solicitous to the point of chirpy".

In the end, our new Shopper is more amused than seduced by the designer's more extravagant offerings and, in an encouraging sign, sees the humor in the impracticality of the cruise collection as she is warmed not to actually swim in a best-selling bathing suit,

Back inside, a cleaning lady was mopping the white, white floors with a Swiffer whose green leaves matched the swimsuit’s, Mr. Kors’s worldview not being one that contains dirt — nor, in all instances, common sense. Witness the admonition attached to a beach bag made with raffia imported from Madagascar ($995), that one should avoid water and oil while using it; and the “luxury sweatshirt” made of cashmere and cotton pima for $695.

It's a promising debut, and, though she has not yet approached La Cintra's level of fanciful insight, it will be interesting to see how her point of view develops.

Critical Shopper: For Kors, the Glow Doesn’t Fade By Alexandra Jacobs (NYTimes)
Michael Kors 790 Madison Avenue betweek 67th & 68th Streets, Upper East Side
NOW OPEN: Michael Kors Is Bright And Shiny On Madison



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