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UNIQLO Tones Down Designers Invitation Launch With Costello Tagliapietra

Yesterday marked the return of Costello Tagliapietra to UNIQLO's Designers Invitation program after last year's capsule collection for the retailer that was such a sellout that a rare re-order production was ordered. This time around, the dresses are no less cleverly designed, but the general fanfare was much less evident in the store. This seems to fit in with the store's newly reconceived PR strategy which appears to rely less on splashy launches. Last year, press were invited to an early morning preview to meet the designers and sip champagne as eager customers waited outside, while this year, there was not even the traditional notice posted on the windows notifying customers. The chain's exclusive Jil Sander designed +J collection launches are now promoted with less fanfare as well. The private VIP shopping previews of previous seasons now seem to be a thing of the past as the line transitions from a special event capsule collection to a regular component of the chain's merchandise. Perhaps the company is saving up its PR capital for a major promotional push this Fall when it will open two new flagship-sized stores in New York. As for the dresses, they are a bit simpler this year, limited to cotton jersey but appropriately priced at $29.90 each. Customers who found them seemed happy as ever to load their arms with goods. For those of you keeping track, Charlotte Ronson's collection will appear on May 5th, and Vena Cava's is scheduled for the 12th, so mark your calendars.

The lack of promotion should not suggest that there was nothing going on at UNIQLO yesterday afternoon. Most of the store's visual displays were given over to a huge new delivery of the chain's popular UT line of printed t-shirts. There are truckloads of new designs including plenty of Disney, manga and animé designs, and a special promotion in which includes a free DVD with every t-shirt featuring the popular manga Naruto (you'll either know what that means and be excited or you won't).

On the +J front, there is currently a special promotional discount on the entire Spring collection offering as much as a third off regular prices. See below for details.

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