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Those of us who are of a certain age can remember when Coach leathergoods were not available at every corner. It wasn't an aspirational fashion driven brand bursting with color and logos, but a classic, slightly stodgy brand that made somewhat pricey but durable bags and accessories in its own New York factories out of thick and sturdy yet supple cowhide. The classic bucket bags were staples among a certain preppy set, and the long strapped Dinky bags were standard issue among suburban high school girls.

Then one day, the company made itself over with trendy fashion and, over time, distanced itself from it's classic styles -until now. Net-a-Porter, the giant online designer retailer, will introduce Coach for the first time to its customers with five reissued styles from the 1970s. The styles will become available on June 15th, and will include a shoulder purse, a field bag, a Madison satchel, Stewardess bag and duffle styles. Prices will range from $298 to $498. Those of you mourning the loss of the classic Coach bags you used to know will have an opportunity to revisit and, hopefully restock. Overall, it follows the pattern of any apparel company with an archives returning to reissue long lost styles, though it's not a total surprise top see this happen. Our only hope would be that Coach would once again make these bags in the American factories they have long since abandoned for cheaper offshore production. We're not really holding our breath on that happening, but that would be a development worth bragging about.

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