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We missed Home Goods' early morning opening on Sunday, but when we stopped by yesterday, we could tell that it had been a success as workers were still scrambling to replenish goods all over the store, which was remarkably busy for a drizzly Monday afternoon.

We have been watching for the opening for a while. For one thing, it's only a stone's throw from The Shophound's Upper West Side HQ, and we had already found ourselves frequently browsing the nearby TJMaxx for household bargains, so how bad could a bigger version of that be?

Not bad at all, it turns out. Like any off-pricer, if you hit it on the right day, it can be pretty great. This is Home Goods' first entry into Manhattan, but there won't be too many surprises for anyone familiar with the home offerings at TJMaxx and Marshalls. They all draw from the same sources, but there is a whole lot more to choose from at this new superstore. The street level is devoted to kitchen and tabletop categories including an abundance of All-Clad, Cuisinart and Calphalon products which, at times, can render Williams-Sonoma obsolete. Downstairs, there is everything else from furniture to bed and bath as well as lamps and other gifts and home accessories.

How much you will enjoy shopping at Home Goods depends on how much you like hunting through off-price stores for that irresistible bargain. If you like rummaging through the dusty basement at Century 21 for a great deal on a set of knives or a discounted frying pan, then spacious, well-lit Home Goods will feel like a luxury store. If you have no patience for that sort of thing, then by all means, stick to Bloomingdale's. This kind of store is for the shopper with a sixth sense who can weed out the finds from the filler. A strong sense of your own taste is indispensable, because while familiar brands like Ralph Lauren, Vera Wang, Calvin Klein and Barbara Barry pop up all over the store, there are also a lot of anonymous labels you have probably never heard of, and may exist only for selling in off-price channels. In fact, some of the well known brands offer goods here that are manufactured for outlets and off-price selling only. That doesn't mean that they aren't any good, it just means you have to have a good sense of quality and what sorts of things you really like in order to be successful there. For example, All that All-Clad is marked as seconds, which doesn't mean that it won't cook your food just as well, but there is probably a scratch somewhere that disqualified it from Macy's. Like any off pricer, hit or miss is the rule at Home Goods. There's no knowing exactly what's going to be on the floor at any given time, but once you get to know the store, you can get a pretty good idea what kinds of merchandise they tend to have.

In the end, if you have been enjoying the recent proliferation of Marshalls and TJMaxx in the city, then you will probably find yourself visiting Columbus Avenue at around 99th Street frequently, especially of you have a kitchen or a bedroom to outfit, but if those stores don't do anything for you, then you'll probably be happier at the more reliable Bed Bath & Beyond.

Home Goods 795 Columbus Avenue at 99th Street, Upper West Side
OFF-PRICE ALERT: Home Goods Stocks Its Shelves For A Sunday Morning Opening


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