(capsule) Favorites Part V:


It Looks Like Apple Will Open A Store In Grand Central After All


Project Favorites Part II:

This week, The Men's Spring 2012 trade shows happened. The Shophound made it to (capsule) and Project before we succumbed to sensory overload. While an exhaustive review of the shows would be, well, exhausting, we'll be posting what caught our eye from our favorite designers throughout the week.

The most interesting labels at Project were often the newest, so it's not surprising that the only-a-few-months-old Brooklyn Bootworks caught our attention. Inspired by a pair of 35-year-old boots that one of the brand's owners still wears, the line came about in an effort to produce the best boots possible. Founding duo Jess Draper and Mike Chamberas discovered that as much as they wanted to manufacture their boots in their home borough, Brooklyn's manufacturing capabilities are now too limited to allow them to produce the kind of product they wanted. Rather than looking to China or South America, however, they turned to Italy for production so they could ensure the best possible quality. Seeing the finished product, you can't dispute their decision. They have smartly kept their debut line simple and classic incorporating top quality Italian cordovan leathers. Taking all that into consideration, the prices, falling in the $400 to $600 range are still lower than we would have expected, and these boots look like they could easily last for 35 years themselves.

Brooklyn Bootworks (Official Site)


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