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This Season's Barneys Warehouse
Sale To Be A Week Shorter

Last Spring, The Shophound and a bunch of other bloggers were tossing around the rumor that the Barneys Warehouse Sale might be discontinued by the store's new management. Well, breathe a sigh of relief, because it hasn't been deep-sixed just yet. Our friends at Racked tell us that the sale will take place from Thursday, August 25th to Labor Day, September 5th.

Wait... that's it?

Yes, folks, Experienced Warehouse Sale shoppers will notice that an entire week has been lopped off of the sale's traditional two-and-a-half-week running time. So, the rumors weren't entirely unfounded. The sale is still with us, but somewhat diminished. We happend to stop by the Madison Avnue store this week, and we noticed that most (but not all) departments have had their sale merchandise removed from the floor in favor of new Fall goods, so your next chance for some summer designer bargains from Barneys will be in about four weeks.

What does this shortened time frame mean for New York bargain shoppers' beloved late-summer ritual? We just don't know yet, although we hope it means that the merchandise will start the sale at a price that is already discounted from the last selling price in the full-line stores. We aren't counting on that, but it would be nice, especially since The Shophound doesn't ever buy anything there until the middle of the second week anyway. Barnys may be trying out a shortened time frame so shoppers will feel a greater sense of urgency and buy right away instead of taking their chances and waiting for the deeper second week discounts. We won't really know until the sale actually happens, but we wouldn't be surprised if it is extra crowded and super-annoyingly-long-checkout-line-ish this season.
Can't wait.

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