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Couch Potato Edition


Frozen Delights At DKNY

DKNYfrozenhotchocolate Sometimes, we feel we are being pulled around by a sixth sense.

We will admit that there has not been much to tempt us into visiting DKNY's Madison Avenue boutique in quite a while, but we found ourselves wandering through the door the other day, and being greeted by two waiters offering trays full of Frozen Hot Chocolate drinks.

Well, there's not much that would make us pass up a delightful surprise like that, and it got us to look around the store long enough to finish our drink. There's not all that much to report aside from that their sale items are at giveaway prices right about now, and the store seemed to have less of the gift-y kind of merchandise that has made it more interesting in the past.

Oh, and by the way, Frozen Hot Chocolate is still a major brain-freeze hazard —just so you know.


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