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Gets Picked Clean On The Last Day

The Shophound has been to the Barneys Warehouse Sale on the very last day more times than we would care to count. After all, that's when whatever is left will be sold at the lowest price possible, —and we have picked up some great buys— but never have we seen the sale as decimated of goods as it was yesterday. The sale was extended for two extra days due to Hurricane Irene, and final reductions of 50% to 75% off the lowest ticket price went into effect on Sunday, so there were a few more days than normal to shop at rock bottom prices, but as we mentioned earlier, this sale was shorter and started out with far less to sell than one would have come to expect in years past. Even on the last day, there is usually an abundance of staples like dress shirts and suits. We have never seen the suit racks as empty as they were yesterday, even on the last day, when suits were going for 50% off.

Does this mean the event is being phased out? We would think so A commenter insists that the Warehouse Sales will go on according to managers, but sometimes even managers don't know for sure what kind of strategies are getting cooked up in the executive suite. We still think it's on its way out.

Less Is Less At The Barneys Warehouse Sale


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