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In Which Loro Piana Reminds Us That Even At The Sample Sale,
Luxury Doesn't Come Cheap

We just got notified that prices are being cut at the Loro Piana sample sale currently running at Soiffer-Haskin on 33rd Street. That is always welcome news, but don't go thinking that they're giving stuff away over there.

The Shophound stopped by yesterday because the weather had changed and put us in the mood to hunt around for a bargain. There's nothing not to love about Loro Piana which, though fairly conservative in style, uses the most sumptuous fabrics in the world most of which the company produces itself. There were piles of cashmere sweaters for both men and women that made all others feel like scratchy shetland wool. The bad news? Even at 50% to 60% off the original prices, almost everything at the sale was still really expensive. Think about scarves that retail anywhere from $700 to $2,000, and sweaters that seemed to start at around $800 for even the simplest styles. That should give you an idea of the price range if you aren't familiar with the coveted label.

Of course, The Shophound knows that Loro Piana is expensive, but we hadn't noticed that the brand's prices had soared quite so high lately. Along with the sweaters and scarves and a good bit of women's footwear, there was an abundance of cashmere and leather outerwear for men and women, but few if any pieces that could be had for under $1,000. While Loro Piana makes all sorts of fabrics, they are most well known for their exceptionally fine cashmeres, which most of the apparel was made of. Of course, if you have the resources, there are lots of beautiful things to be had, and if you have a seamstress or tailor at your disposal, or are handy with a needle yourself, there are whole bolts of cloth available to fashion into whatever you want. While we left without making a purchase, we consoled ourself by remembering that a few weeks ago we picked up an $800 Tom Ford cashmere scarf at the new West Side Century 21 for about 85% off its original price, so we had kind of come out ahead already.

If you are thinking of stopping by for a little splurge, however you may want to shift your plans to accommodate a great big splurge.

Loro Piana Sale through Thursday, October 6 at Soiffer Haskin, 317 West 33rd Street between Eighth & Ninth Avenues, Midtown


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