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Apple's New Cube Is Unveiled
On Fifth Avenue

Last night, the normally 24/7 Apple Fifth Avenue store closed in order to prepare for this morning's unveiling Photo_fifthavenueof its newly renovated plaza and streamlined cube entryway. In a move that flies in the face of conventional "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" wisdom, the store's iconic entrance has been hidden by scaffolding for the past few months while a streamlined version was reconstructed using only fifteen major panes of glass instead of the original 90 and devoid of any hint of hardware. The result is an even lighter more elegant looking structure that now represents even more strongly the company's dedication to constant evolution and improvement. The original cube (click the image at left for a larger view) was so important to the late Apple chief Steve Jobs that he reportedly paid for it out of his own deep pockets. Now that the cube's reported $6.7 million renovation is complete, it is once again poised to become one of the city's most photographed structures.


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