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Saks' Shoe Sale Shuts Down The Floor

Saks Fifth Avenue has been happy to trumpet its enormous shoe floor with its own zip code, but they may not be as pleased with the news that its shoe sale got so out of control yesterday that they had to shut down the floor before things got really ugly.

The normally refined department store repeated its day-after-Christmas sale doorbuster sale of years past in which all sale items in the store were reduced from 40% to 60% off only between 8 AM and 12 Noon. Naturally, this can lead to all kinds of competitive shopping, but reportedly, customers started panicking in the already hectic shoe department at about 11:30 when they discovered that by the time they made it to the register after waiting in the long line, it would be after 12 PM, and they would no longer be eligible for the extra discount. Saks' in-store security cleared the floor before things could get dangerous leaving hordes of would-be sale customers disgruntled o say the very least.

And this is why The Shophound stayed home on Boxing Day and watched all the episodes of "Homeland" that were filling up our DVR. After all, is it really worth losing your dignity over an extra discount on markdown Louboutins?
All right, you don't have to answer that.

60%-off shoe sale leads to melee at Saks Fifth Avenue: witnesses (NY Daily News via RACKED)


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