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Net-A-Porter.com will be launching the new KARL by Karl Lagerfeld collection online tomorrow, but to garner a little extra bit of buzz, the luxury e-commerce giant has chosen five international cities to sell the line live and in person, and guess what? One of those cities is New York! Starting at 10:30 tomorrow morning, the collection will be available at 375 Bleecker Street, and the first 50 customers will receive a special gift from the collection. The other lucky cities are London, Paris, Berlin and Sydney. In case you were hoping to catch a glimpse of the Kaiser himself, you will have to get up really early and jet off to Paris which is where he will be making his public appearance, but one lucky winner in each city will be awarded a $1,500 shopping spree, which is roughly equivalent to half a Balmain jacket.

To win the loot, you need to download Net-A-Porter's KARL game and play it, putting yourself in the running for the shopping spree, but even if you don't hit that particular jackpot, just console yourself that you are in the only city in America where you will be able to buy the collection in a shop and take it right home without waiting for the UPS truck, or, if you are particularly extravagant, Net-A-Porter's pampering white glove hand delivery. There's always something to be said for instant gratification!

KARL by Karl Lagerfeld Pop-up shop 375 Bleecker Street between Perry & Charles Streets, West Village


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