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Children's Line A Hit For
uniqlo undercover


The Shophound stopped by UNIQLO's Fifth Avenue flagship today around noon to finally get an in-person look at UU Uniqlo Undercover by Jun Takahashi, the chain's latest collaboration. As we had guessed, there wasn't a huge crowd by the time we got there, but we quizzed a helpful staffer who told us that evn though Undercover and Jun Takahashi are ot as well known in the U.S., there was still a relatively small but enthusiastic crowd waiting this morning to get first crack at the line's debut. She told us that the children's items had been especially popular, and that the kid's version of the faux leather and knit motorcycle-style Rider's Jacket had already sold out.

To celebrate the launch, the Fifth Avenue store will be offering free family portraits today, Friday the 16th from 4 PM to 6 PM and tomorrow, Saturday the 17th from 11 AM to 1 PM as well as an opportunity for kids to design and clothe their own bear in the store's create-a-bear workshop while supplies last.

As for the grown-ups, the collection is very sporty and utilitarian with whimsical touches. There are many more items available in the store than you will see on the website. There are great, trendy striped knits and and printed hoodies for men and women with plenty of useful pockets ant technical details. There are also more UU logos visible on the products than we would have expected, which may or may not disappoint some customers who are used to insignia-free items at Uniqlo. There is also an abundance of Keffiyeh style scarves (some are visible in the displays pictured above and below) in multiple colorways which might not sit well politically with some New York area customers given that particular garment's political significance as a pro-Palestinian symbol. Other prominent stores have run into problems with these styles in the past. We'll be interested to see if there's any backlash on that item.

And then there is the size issue.
Oh, we thought we were done with this complaint when last Fall's +J deliveries finally included a full range of sizes for that collection including the long-missed XLs and larger pant and skirt sizes. Unfortunately, with UU, the chain seems to have reverted back to its implied "No Fatties" policy with no tops for men or women larger than a fairly narrowly cut "L", and no pants larger than a 33 for men or 28 for women. Our sales staffer noted that there were a few larger pieces included in the initial shipments, but that they were swiftly purchased by early shoppers including guests at a press event yesterday (Hey! Where were we for that?). We even checked the 34th Street location to see if they perhaps received more sizes, but found a smaller selection of the collections there on the main floor. We haven't checked SoHo, but it looks like the biggest presentation of the line is at the Fifth Avenue location. Our staffer promised that there would be replenishment shipments in the coming weeks, but couldn't promise that they would include larger sizes. There will, however, be a second shipment of new styles coming in April, so if you are a slender fan of casual, Japanese-style sportswear, there's more in store for you.

UU Uniqlo Undercover (Official Site)



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