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Entrepreneur Takes A NoLita Corner


Sometimes it seems to jaded New Yorkers like The Shophound that every store is running together with the same popular favorite labels that get replicated from shop to shop. Entrepreneur, a week-old men's boutique in NoLita aims to remedy that situation with a refreshing combination of lesser known brands from Japan and independent labels from Brooklyn. The shop opened its doors last Saturday in a blocky building on the corner of Kenmare and Elizabeth Streets, and though they did put a bird on the banners hanging over the door (clearly they haven's been watching Portlandia) there is nothing twee inside. The store's sporty merchandise mix includes the menswear trends that have slowly crawled their way over here from Japan like the current camouflage craze (look for great printed shirts from Alex Hunter), as well as some that are bound to make their way here soon (Expect animal prints to start spreading over menswear any season now). One caveat. Like most Japanese labels, many of this store's brands run on the small side while the Brooklyn brands tend to be cut for hipsters (read skinny). Still, it's always a treat to find thing you don't see everywhere, so Entrepreneur fills a welcome niche.

Entrepereneur 29 Kenmare Street at Elizabeth Street, NoLita


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