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Critical Shopper: Haute HippieThis week's Critical Shopper, Alexandra Jacobs returns to the Thursday Styles by taking on the new Haute Hippie boutique in NoLita. Something about Haute Hippie has always bugged The Shophound, but it's not the actual clothes. Maybe it's the literal name of the label, which doesn't leave room for much surprise. Still, "hippie" is a look that seems to have no expiration date now that we have hit the age of incessant decade surfing in fashion. We're not entirely sure that Jacobs totally gets that the rich hippie concept has been around since long before Tom Ford's YSL peasant blouse of 2011. It pretty much goes back to the days of the original Hippies (see Giorgio di Saint'Angelo, Thea Porter, Zandra Rhodes etc.), an early example of designers lifting inspiration from the streets. After a brief, obligatory ode to rich hippie #1, Talitha Getty, whose sordid days in Morocco have been ghoulishly over-romanticized by too many designers, we get to the store itself. Jacobs seems mildly charmed but not necessarily bowled over by what her cheerful salesperson suggests,

Becca from Boston kindly entrusted me with a floaty delicate taupe tunic top that she said had been hand-beaded in India ($795). It was gorgeous, even though the idea could be approximated for a fraction of the price at Do Kham, the veteran Tibetan emporium down the street, which I fear will eventually suffer a hostile takeover from a gluten-free cupcake shop.

God forbid! This city is lousy with cupcakes.

Critical Shopper: Well-Tended Flower Children By Alexandra Jacobs (NYTimes)
Haute Hippie 9 Prince Street between Elizabeth Street & The Bowery, NoLita


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