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Uniqlo Meets Warhol
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& More UU Uniqlo Undercover

It struck The Shophound this week that it has been weeks, weeks since our last visit to Uniqlo, that seemed impossible, so yesterday, we found ourselves at the 34th Street where we found:

A new delivery from the chain's latest ongoing collaboration, UU Uniqlo Undercover by Jun Takahashi. This round brings more Summer-y shorts, striped tees along with loose, printed dresses for women and camp shirts and carpenter's shorts with cunning hidden pockets for men. We would suggest the Fifth Avenue store for the best selection if you are a UU fan, and, once again, no fatties. Sizes still top out at a pretty skimpily cut Large.

Since this year's Summertime seems to feel free to barge its way through the Spring months (with no complaints from us), it's good that Uniqlo's popular UT t-shirt line has arrived in force. They are still $19.90, so you can't go too far wrong, although the women's selections have gotten heavy on the cutesy side with an excess of designs from Hello Kitty and Barbie. Though the kawaii overload could give anyone a toothache, shoppers looking for something more grown-up will be happy top find a new collaboration with designer Lulu Guinness. Sadly, it only t-shirts, not accessories, but there are 12 styles printed with the designer's distinctive, hand drawn designs.

Over on the men's side, the chain's latest dead-artist collab (after several seasons of Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat) is none other than the Godfather of Pop Art himself, Andy Warhol offering clever silk screened tees featuring his most famous images (pictured above). You'll find the Campbell's Soup can and Brillo box as well as a few more obscure images. There are even a couple of the artist's earlier pre-Pop fashion illustrations on women's tops. The Warhol group coordinates well with a group designed in conjunction with the Museum of Modern Art, and this month, Uniqlo will be giving away one free admission to the museum with the purchase of any two UT products (a $25 value). 4,000 tickets will be distributed through all three Uniqlo stores until supplies last, so go get little culture with your t-shirt.

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