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Will Rojas Is Your Shop Clerk
At Little Willy's

Littlewilly120611_250New York Magazine's "Ask A Shop Clerk" feature made its monthly appearance this week with a spotlight on Little Willy's, the junior division of custom tailor Lord Willy's in NoLiTa.

This, of course, brings up the universal question of whether custom tailoring for the not-yet-fully-grown is overkill. Okay, not really universal. In fact the store serves to remind us all that here in New York City, there's always somebody who will be willing to take advantage of the opportunity to overspend on your children's clothes, even if they don't much care where their polo shirts came from. Okay, we shouldn't say that. After all, when The Shophound was a wee tot, we cared deeply about the provenance of all our clothes, and it's probably just as well that if there was such a thing as Little Willy's then, we didn't know about it since it was all we could do to get our little self outfitted in Lacoste and Polo.

But back to the clerk, young Will Rojas, who is thankfully spared the indignity of modeling the store's wares himself in favor of grown-up outfits from the father ship next door. As for the potential tedium of toiling in a shop devoted solely to dressing affluent pre-gentlemen,

Q- How do you make shopping fun for boys?
A- We have books that make farting noises. So sometimes our posh British store is overrun with silly sounds.

So, fart books and $125 boy's shirts all in the same place.
Is New York marvelous or what?

Ask A Shop Clerk: Will Rojas (NYMag)
Little Willy’s, 223 Mott Street, near Prince Street, NoLiTa


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