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Yesterday, The Cut directed us to a blog called The Fashion Law which had noticed that the plywood outside the upcoming Yves Saint Laurent boutique in SoHo is now sporting the new Hedi Slimane designed "Saint Laurent Paris" brand. Want a closer look? You can't have one. In record time, it seems, the T-shirt company Rocksmith plastered over the logo with their own handbills.
Really, Rocksmith?
There were no other blank surfaces in all of Soho where you could have slapped your flyers? You had to cover up one of the most controversial fashion logo redesigns in recent memory? Really?

While, obviously, they should be shunned and boycotted, The Fashion Law did get this slightly blurry side by side comparison, and the new logo looks very similar to the original "Saint Laurent Rive Gauche" minus the orange and fuschia squares and replacing the "rive gauche" part with a subtle black on black "Paris", just barely visible in the photo. Compare it with the 1968 original, below.


Evocative without slavishly copying. Hopefully, the posters will be removed, and we can all get a better look soon. The famous YSL monogram insignia is still on the plywood as well, so no more fretting that it is being abandoned, okay?

Additionally, WWD is reporting on an email interview that Hedi Slimane has done for the latest issue of Vogue Paris which reportedly includes another view of the new logo as well as some tantalizing comments about other potential developments for the future including this one,

“Haute couture is a legitimate subject for Yves Saint Laurent and could resume one day,” Slimane says, without giving time lines or defining the precise format. “The priority today is to revamp and redeploy the luxury ready-to-wear.”

Well, make of that what you will, anxious YSL watchers. Don't worry. We are pretty sure that if Haute Couture is eventually revived, Slimane will use the original, iconic "Yves Saint Laurent" label, just as like Monsieur Yves did.

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