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That Christian Louboutin Men's Store Might Take A While...

We always love it when a new store under construction leaves its door open so The Shophound can peek inside and take a quick picture. We passed by the upcoming and highly anticipated Christian Louboutin Men's Store on Washington Street over the weekend, expecting to see a soon to be finished jewel box of a shoe store.

Well, eventually that's probably what it will be. The store was announced way back in December of last year, and reasonable expectations pointed to an opening that would have happened last spring. Obviously, that didn't happen, and unless exposed cinderblock is part of the decor, we don't see this store opening before Christmas. Who knows what the holdup is? Construction in New York City can be a nightmare in the best of situations, but at the same time, sometimes things do get finished in a miraculously speedy fashion, so if the store opens next week, then what do we know?

Anyway, this is what the site looked like two days ago, and everyone's waiting, because, as we all know, there are never enough places for guys to buy sparkly sneakers and studded, leopard patterned evening slippers.

Foot Fetish: Louboutin Men's Store To Hit Meatpacking District This Spring (10/21/2011)


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