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Another Look At The Saint Laurent Retro-Rebranding

Saint-Laurent-Rive-Gauche-boutiqueA few weeks ago, we heard that new Yves Saint Laurent designer Hedi Slimane has some serious rebranding in the works for his new home label. Since then, fashion bloggers have been all flummoxed about how this might change their world. Slimane will relabel the boutiques and Prêt-à-Porter collections "Saint Laurent Paris" with an approach reminiscent of the original "Saint Laurent Rive Gauche" branding of its 1966 launch. Can we still say YSL? Is it rude to drop the late founding designer's first name from the label? (We don't know. Find a medium and ask Gianni Versace what he thinks about that.)

The Business of Fashion has a detailed overview of the rebranding that should clarify things for those who can't seem to accept the upcoming changes at Saint Laurent. We might suggest they have a few stiff drinks, or perhaps some prescription medication, but that's just us. We promise, it will all turn out OK.

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