Bettie Page Clothing
Makes Its Bowery Debut


England's Kurt Geiger To Take
Tommy's Bleecker Street Store


Barneys Next Warehouse Sale
Starts On Valentine's Day

BNYwarehouseIt will be a bittersweet Valentine's Day next month when Barneys kicks off its final Warehouse Sale in what will soon no longer be the Chelsea Co-op store. Our friends at Racked have been speculating that this may be the last Warehouse Sale ever. We hate to step on anyone's spin, but we are pretty sure that yesterday's WWD article that confirmed the closure of the Chelsea location was pretty specific that after next month's sale, another one was planned "in a new location one block away in August or September".
So, let's all just take a deep breath and stop worrying if the seasonal sale will continue, and start speculating about where it will continue. That's more fun anyway, right? Metropolitan Pavilion? Some other warehouse space in Chelsea? Who knows?

So far, we have no official word on whether the store will repeat the online component of the sale from last season which ran in advance of the traditional event. Followers will remember that prices were reduced at periodic intervals online in the same way they do at the main sale, and saved shoppers a lot of standing in line and uncivilized elbow checks. So far, Barneys' own Warehouse Sale site has not yet been updated, so we don't have complete dates, but, as always, we will keep watching.

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Coming & Going: Barneys Co-op Officially Closing In Chelsea, But A Downtown Flagship Could Be In the Works


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