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About This Week's Hugo Boss Sale

It should be noted, before we tell you about the big Hugo Boss sale at the company's showroom, that the brand has often run a couple of sample sales each season. One may be an end-of-season overstock sale which is often held at one of the familiar Sample Sale venues around the city, but the other —the one that is happening this week— is a genuine sale of showroom samples. If you are not a sample size (and you probably know if you are) we would not recommend going out of your way (and it is probably way out of your way).

Having gotten that caveat out of the way, it is kind of fun to go all the way over to Eleventh Avenue and winding throughout the vast Starrett Lehigh Building to the Hugo Boss showroom for this sale. We haven't been in a few seasons, so we are happy to report that it has remained consistent with what we were expecting which was racks and racks of suits, sportcoats, pants and shirts at cost or below. These are all showroom samples, and Hugo Boss is a huge company, so there are tons of them between all the various labels it produces, but few if any multiples. The styles range from rather classic suits in the Boss Black line to trendy euro-sportswear from the HUGO Hugo Boss label. There really is something for everyone —everyone who is a sample size. The prices are by category with suits that can retail for up to $1,500 going for a flat rate of $295 each. All pants are $40. All shirts are $55. Men's footwear (mostly size 9) tops out at $75 with the few sandals left going for a mere $20. The majority of the offerings are for men, although there was a smaller section of women's shoes, apparel and accessories with similar prices.

We also must warn you that it is all going fast —no surprise at these prices. Though the sale lasts through this Friday April 5th, we can't imagine that there will me much left by then. We stopped by early this afternoon, and the selection had clearly been heavily shopped already, but if you fit the sizing criteria, it's still worth a visit. If you don't, there will probably be a bigger stock sale later this season where the prices might not be quite as good, but the selection will likely be even bigger.

Hugo Boss Sample Sale through Friday April 5th at 601 West 26th Street between Eleventh & Twelfth Avenues. See SALE ROLL at left for more details.


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