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A Cool Reception
At SoHo's Pas De Calais

What is The Shophound to make of SoHo's newest Japanese import, Pas de Calais, which opened last month at the corner of Broome and Wooster Street? The sleek, French-inspired sportswear label that deftly mixes contemporary Gallic style with innovative Japanese textiles has launched its first international store with a sleek interior that makes the most of the space's high ceilings and long, narrow footprint to create a modern setting for the label's collections. Why, then did the sales staff respond with such a lack of enthusiasm when The Shophound wandered through the door a couple of days ago? Were they tired after a long day? One would think that as we carefully examined nearly every item on the rack featuring the men's label, Sage de Crêt (relaxed and stylish with the inevitable Japanese fascination with military garb), someone might try to engage our attention or possibly tell us something about the store's brands which most people (including The Shophound) have never heard of. It's not that we expect to have our feet kissed every time we darken the doorstep of a retail establishment. In fact, we typically like to be left alone to explore on our own, but by the same token, we don't expect to be treated as if we aren't there at all while a nearby sales associate busies herself with what must have been some very important staring off into space. There is, at least, a modicum of warmth and acknowledgement one should reasonably expect from even marginal service. Finally, as we turned to leave, we heard an icy "Thank you for coming," in a tone that could easily be interpreted to mean, "you can leave now." When we dared to ask when the store opened, since we hadn't noticed it before, "A month," was the terse response. Well, goodbye then, Pas de Calais. Good luck to you.

Pas de Calais 482 Broome Street at Wooster Street, SoHo


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